General Information:
Manufacturer: Rio Grande Games
Author: Franz-Benno Delonge
Graphics: Marcel-Andre Casasola-Merkle
Number of Players: 2-6
Age: 8 years plus
Time: about 30 mins.
Year: 2002

GCA 2003: Multiplayer Nominees
SdJ 2002: Nominee
DSP 2002: 2nd place
SdS 2002: Games for Families


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Game Components:
1 Gameboard - 6 Start Markers - 6 Locomotives - 85 Track Pieces - 35 City Cards - 1 Rule Booklet

In this game the players – once more – have to build railroad tracks across the United States. Speed is the important factor to gain points. For each non-complete railroad network the players loose points. The player with the most points left wins the game.

Before the game starts the game board is laid out. One rail-piece is put on the double red line of the point track. If a player’s piece crosses that barrier the game ends immediatley. Each player chooses a colour. He/She puts the start marker in his/her colour in front of him/her and puts his locomotive on the locomotive shed on the point track. Than the first round of the game can be started: The city cards are shuffled and each player draws one card from each of the 5 colours. Now the 5 different cities have to be connected as fast as possible. When one player succeeds in doing so the current round ends.

One player begins and the other players follow: Before the start of the actual building phase each player puts her/his start marker on any intersection or city. There can always be just one marker on an intersection or a city. After all players have done so the building starts:

In his/her turn each player must build at least one track and can build up to two tracks. The building has to begin from his/her start marker and must always connect to his/her already existing network. Each unoccupied single line costs 1 track. So a player can build tracks on up to two single lines in each round. An unoccupied double line (river or mountain) costs two tracks. Players may branch off from his/her own network at any place of his/her choice. If a player connects his/her network and any other player’s network he/she can use that network as his/her own. A player never has to build two tracks.

If a player succeeds in connecting 5 cities the current round ends immediately. The player uncovers his/her city cards to proof his success. The other players now get minus points for cities they have not connected yet: For each track still missing to connect a city over a single line they get 1 minus point, for each track still missing to connect a city over a double line they get 2 minus points. The locomotives are moved back according to the number of missing tracks. Now all tracks are being removed, the city cards re-shuffled and another round begins. If the player with the fewest points still has 4 or more points after the 2nd round the barrier is shifted to the right so that there are exactly two spaces between the last player’s locomotive and the barrier. This is done after the 2nd round only.

The game ends as soon as the locomotive of one player crosses the barrier. The player with the most points remaining wins the game:

(Troudi 25/01/05)

Further Information:
- Homepage of Rio Grande Games
- Play Transamerica online in the "Brettspielwelt"

millibeth says 8 of 10 points:.
If played more often „Transamerica“ is an entertaining and tactical game. Especially interesting are 2-player-games because strategy is more important - but eventually the game is getting boring if players start to think too long about what they are going to do: The game is not as strategic if more than two players participate but I think it is more exciting. Again and again it is astonishing to discover how quick the other players were and where they are building to. „Transamerica“ is much faster and more interesting if more than 2 players participate. If played once most people want another round just after. The game rules are easy to understand and easy to explain. The game is interesting for all groups of age and game interest.

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